As Carey faculty and staff, we embrace the core values of William Carey. We want to be accessible to others, practical in our teaching, and transformational in our leadership. We are committed to the growth and renewal of churches and ministries. We are convinced that God has spoken, and continues to speak, in the Scriptures. We teach the centrality of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As the people of God, we are committed to a life of discipleship, to live under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to embrace the local church as the body of Christ. We also appreciate our heritage as Baptists and value our affiliation with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.


Rev. Dr. Peter Ahn

Pastoral Ministries

Rev. Dr. Ellis André

Preaching, Pastoral Ministries

Rev. Dr. Kyung Baek

Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministries

Rev. Dr. John Chan

Theology, Preaching

Rev. Dr. Leo Chia

Pastoral Ministries, Chinese Ministries

Rev. Dr. David Chiu


Lucila Crena

Family Studies

Chuck Cruise

New Testament

Dr. Brad Eastman

New Testament

Dr. Allan Effa

Mission, Intercultural Studies

Dr. Darrell Guder

Theology, Missional Church

Dr. Scott Hagley

Theology, Missional Church

Dr. Irving Hexham

World Religions

Rev. Dr. Samuel Ho

Art and Theology, Pastoral Studies

Rev. Darrell Johnson


Dr. Barbara Leung-Lai

Old Testament

David Nacho


Rev. Dr. Laura Nelson

Pastoral Studies

Dr. Greg Ogden


Rev. Dr. David Pao

New Testament

Rev. Dr. Paul Pearce

Co-Director, Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions

Dr. Joyce Peasgood

Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Direction

Dr. Dan Russell

Leadership and Administration

Rev. Dr. Craig Smith

Research Fellow

Rev. Dr. Barry Stricker

Theology, Ethics, Pastoral Ministries

Dr. Chloe Sun

Old Testament

Karina Vargas

Marketplace Theology