The Occasional Student status is designed for you if you wish to pursue theological studies without the need to enter a formal program of study for any reason. You may be:


● Hoping to “test the waters” prior to making a full commitment to seminary studies

● A life-long learner seeking personal growth or professional development

● Seeking opportunities to study on a course-by-course basis

● Hoping to get a taste of what it is like to study at CAREY

For Occasional Student candidates, the application process is easier and more streamlined, enabling you to begin your theological studies as quickly as possible.


Through this program you will be able to:

To “test the waters” of theological education

To continue your pursuit in life-long learning

To study for credit prior to committing to a formal program

To experience what it is like to study at CAREY

You may take up to nine credits as an occasional student up to a limit of two courses per semester. Exceptions can be made if you are pursuing ongoing personal study pending approval. If you are an international student, may take online courses from your home country.

After studying as an Occasional Student, you have the option to enroll into a certificate, diploma or degree program, pending application and acceptance through CAREY’s normal admissions procedures. Studying as an Occasional Student does not guarantee acceptance into a degree program at Carey Theological College. If  you are admitted into a program, completed eligible courses may be used to fulfill the requirements of that program.


● An accredited Undergraduate degree for Masters (500-800) level courses
and an accredited Master’s degree for Doctoral (900) level courses

● A demonstrated ability to meet CAREY’s language requirements

● Complete the application form below


If you are coming from outside of Canada to study as an Occasional Student, and you plan to study for less than six months, a study permit may not be required. Contact the Office of Student Life for more information. International students may take online courses from their home country. Formal transcripts are not required for Occasional Student candidates.