Dr. Jonathan Wilson

I teach theology at Carey. My passion is for us to grow in our love of learning and desire for God. My understanding of theology calls me to meddle in all aspects of seminary education: biblical studies, church history, the work of ministry and mission, ethics, doctrine, pastoral and congregational formation. Of course, this also means that I am in some ways accountable to all of these. I also enjoy meddling in my colleagues’ work and being held accountable by them. I delight in the enthusiasm, openness, breadth and depth of our students. All of this is nourished by a discipline of prayer, time alone in quiet, on walks, and listening to jazz. I also enjoy home-cooked meals and long conversations with good friends.

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PhD, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1989.
By the Logic of the Gospel: Julian Hartt's Theology of Culture.

MDiv, Regent College-Carey Hall, Vancouver, BC, 1985.

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